June 13, 2018

Final Auto-Qualifiers for MARPSA Regional Meet; Gaithersburg High School-SATURDAY 9:00AM Report time

Good afternoon.

Here is the list of qualifiers for the MARPSA Regional Meet and their events. Please report by 9:00 AM to check in and warm up. Coach Princess will be in charge of the group. Please assist her in any way necessary.

ALL AUTOMATIC QUALIFIERS MUST HAVE THE WAIVER ENTRY FORM AT THE MEET. Please bring the waiver with you to the meet tonight if your athlete is on the list.

If your athlete competed in the 1st round of MARPSA, and they're not an automatic qualifier, i can get a couple more athletes added to the meet if you want to participate. You MUST bring the waiver to me tonight at the meet! The waiver was sent out yesterday and is available on the announcement section on our website.

Thanks and Good Luck.

Coach Kevin