January 10, 2019

Practice and Meet this weekend

Good morning Everyone.

I'm monitoring the weather situation for this weekend. We are expected to have frigid temperatures starting Saturday with snow lasting until Monday morning. It is my desire to have practice on both days if possible, someplace indoors. I am working to see if I can find a facility to work out. I believe that the kids will be better served with practicing this weekend instead of participating in the meet. Our conditioning levels are down due to the holidays. It is not to their advantage to be at the complex for 10 hours to compete in 3 events, whereas we can put in a lot more work over the course of a couple of hours at practice.

Parents. If you have access to a gym or a track, field, or exercise equipment at home, please utilize it on a daily basis with your children whenever possible. This will help them immensely. On a perfect week, we have a maximum of 4 hours to train and condition them as a group. Anything that they do at home will improve their performances. They should be stretching daily, doing sit-ups, push ups, leg raises, seated arm pumps, planks, etc. If you have any questions as to what they should do, please don't hesitate to contact me or any of the coaches.

The meet this weekend will be optional IF I can't find a facility for us to practice. Obviously, if the snow makes things dangerous, we will not practice at all. I will update everyone on Friday as to our plans for the weekend.

Thank you.

Coach Kevin