Spikes and Shoes

Good running shoes and track spikes play an important part in your athletes success in track and field.  You should always have your athlete try on their shoes and spikes whenever possible before purchasing.  The fit and size scales vary between manufactuers.  Running shoes should have a little room in the toes and support the foot throughout the toebox, arch, midfoot and heel.  Track spikes, depending on whether they are for sprinting, middle/long distance, hurdles and field events should fit more snugly.  At this age level, there is not a reason to invest in hundreds of dollars for track spikes.  Once your athlete becomes more proficient in their events, then a more technical spike can be appropriate.  If you have any questions about when your athlete should get a more advanced spike, please ask any of the event coaches.  I have included a couple of websites where you can purchase spikes.

Eastbay   -    https://www.eastbay.com/Track-Field/Shoes/_-_/N-1hgZne?cm_REF=Shoes&crumbs=842

First To The Finish     -    http://www.firsttothefinish.com/

Dick's Sporting Goods    -    https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/f/track-field-spikes#bazaarRating:&facet:&productBeginIndex:0&orderBy:5&pageView:grid&minPrice:&maxPrice:&pageSize:&facetCategoryId:&fPrevCatId:&