BBGC TRACKSTERS - MEET DAY GUIDELINES ARRIVE ON TIME! we need to make sure that all kids are present for warmups, to go over events, and to make the final relay lineups(more to come on relays below) Make sure that your athlete has their uniform, warm up set, running shoes, and spikes if they use them. Please ensure that you bring water, Gatorade, snacks, fruit, and a light meal. Blankets, stadium chairs, a pillow for down time. Please sit with the team. It is important that we stay together so that we can make sure that our athletes do not miss their events, and for safety. We will bring a canopy or two to provide shade. DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL YOUR CHILD'S LAST EVENT HAS BEEN COMPLETED! RELAYS Relay teams are made up of 4-6 athletes of the same age group and gender. 4 athletes will run the race and we generally assign 1 or 2 alternates in case someone is injured, ill, or cannot run on that day. Relay teams are made up at the discretion of the event coach and the head coach. They are based on individual performance, the athlete’s ability to perform the technical skills required, and the overall team chemistry of the quartet that runs. If your child is selected for a relay, you are required to stay until that relay runs its event, unless you receive permission to skip the relay from the head coach. The final relay lineup for each meet is determined the morning of the meet, at the track, by the coaches. Please be respectful of the coaches and parents of the athletes that are selected to run a relay by staying until the event runs. IF YOU LEAVE THE MEET WITHOUT NOTIFYING THE HEAD COACH AND RELAY COACH, AND THE TEAM IS FORCED TO MISS THE RELAY, THE FOLLOWING WILL APPLY: • YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY THE RELAY FEE (USUALLY 30.00-40.00). VOLUNTEERS we need assistance at each meet with the following: • Bringing the canopies to and from the meets. • organizing team snacks amongst all families • Organize bringing water for the team. • Organize bringing orange slices/apple slices/other fruit choices. • Filling out stickers for the athletes (if required), handing out team bib numbers and pinning the kids. • Keeping our seating area clear of trash and clutter. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of the commissioners or coaches. I have read the above guidelines and agree to comply with them. Signed: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Date: _____________________________________________________________________________________