For registration dates please refer to the main Bowie Boys and Girls Website here:

The registration fee for ages 7 to 18 as of the current year is $160.00 plus $20.00 for your USATF card for the season (If you've completed your USATF membership, you will be reimbursed AFTER registration by check for the $20 fee, see Coach Sharon for details).  USATF memberships are renewed on a calendar year basis and not your "membership" anniversary.   Just a note: There will be additional traveling and Hotel cost for those that advance to USATF regional and National meets. Ages 5 and 6 the registration fee is $100, no USATF card is required.  You may register through the following link: 

Please remember to send a copy of your athlete's birth certificate or passport and picture to Coach Sharon - with the USATF number written on it.  


It is mandatory to wear the team uniform at all meets for both the indoor and outdoor season! The team uniform consists of a BBGC top, however you will be required to purchase the (all black) bottom.  We also require the Team Sweats be worn for all meets. Uniforms can also help foster a sense of identity.  As a member of the BBGC Tracksters, you’re part of something larger than just yourself.  You're a member of a family and team.  Identifying with your team creates a sense of  power and uniqueness which drives to make the team work together. We wear our colors proudly and we encourage our athletes and parents to do the same.  

Team Sweats can be purchased here

Click here to Register for the BBGC Track Team: